This document describes the functional features and technical specifications of Toofifi Android APK (single screen version), for the ARS1500 model. Shenzhen Photool Video Co., Ltd. reserves the rights of final interpretation.

Introduction to ARS1500


ARS1500 is a HD wireless video conference collaboration system independently developed by Toofifi. The system includes four components:

● Server Software

The server software described here is for the ARS1500 model, and is installed on an Android 4.4.2 or later version device. After the server software is installed, the Android tablet or other Android-based device can realize wireless mirroring, conferencing and collaboration, and information sharing. The system not only allows wireless mirroring of the contents from the Android device to the large screen, but also enables all attendees to collaborate, share and distribute content. 

● PaPa Transmitter

The PTB1201 PaPa transmitter plugged into a Windows or Mac OSX computer through the USB port, can capture the contents displayed on your computer screen and transmit to the ARS1500 server software wirelessly, thereby enabling content mirroring.

● Transmission Software

The ATT1400 APP can be installed in any Android 5.0 or later version mobile phone, tablet, etc. The APP captures the screen contents from the Android system and transmits it to the ARS1500 Server wirelessly, thereby enabling content mirroring for Android devices.


The ATT1400 APP can be installed in any Android 5.0 or later version mobile phone, tablet, etc. The APP captures the screen contents from the Android system and transmits it to the ARS1500 Server wirelessly, thereby enabling content mirroring for Android devices.


ARS1500 Functions


1.Product Functions

● Mirroring

After ARS1500 is turned on, Android-based devices, iOS-based devices, Windows computers, Mac OSX computers can connect to the WiFi hotspot established by the software, realizing wireless mirroring.

● Priority Control

ARS1500 supports priority control for the different devices that are connected to it. For example, if a Windows computer is mirroring content to the display, another Android mobile phone can also be connected. The Android mobile phone will display “Prioritize Control” option, allowing it to control the content that is being mirrored through the ARS1500. Any smart device that is part of the network for mirroring can take control from the earlier device that was mirroring the content.

●  Local Master Control

After ARS1500 is turned on, a small round icon can be seen floating on the screen, and the number on the small icon indicates how many PaPa transmitters are currently connected to the server. Click the small icon, a drop-down list appears displaying the name of the device connected to the PaPa transmitter. Click any of the device names displayed, to select which device’s content to mirror; similarly, mirroring from any device can be terminated in this way. 


●  Movie Mode

ARS1500 has a unique movie mode. After the ATT1400 on the Android mobile phone is launched and connects to ARS1500, the Movie Mode can be initiated, and HD movies on the Android mobile phone can be played and mirrored losslessly on the large display that has ARS1500 server running.

● Ten-point Reverse Control

ARS1500 can also realize Ten-point Reverse Control. When a Windows computer is connected to the ARS1500 server and is wirelessly mirroring content on a display, then if such a display has a touchscreen, the touchscreen can be used for reverse multi-point control of the Windows computer, for example, opening a document, rotating an image, dragging a dialog box, etc.

●  PPT Slide Change

ARS1500 supports remote slide change function. If a PPT on the computer is mirrored through the ARS1500, the PPT on the computer can be controlled from the touchscreen or the control button. For example, you can go to the next slide or previous slide in the PPT, without needing to run back and forth to your computer. Toofifi also disables single click/double-click when the PPT is being mirrored, to avoid the slide from changing automatically in case the speaker touches the touchscreen by mistake. 


 ● Other Functions

Can receive LAN data from the Android platform, realizing mirroring mode or movie mode for video streaming.

Can receive WiFi data from the Android platform, realizing mirroring mode or movie mode for video streaming.

Can call the Android platform’s USB port, realizing PaPa pairing; can realize wireless pairing through WiFi.

Can output audio stream through the audio port, and synchronize audio and video.

Can control USB peripheral devices attached to the Android device, and receive data from the device such as a mouse, keyboard and touch screen.

When connected to the Internet, the software can be automatically updated. 

2.Specifications and Parameters





Transmission protocol

Independently developed protocol, AirPlay


Applicable field

Commercial use, teaching/training


WiFi frequency band

5.8G/2.4G dual frequency (RUT3000)


Actual bandwidth

1.25G bandwidth (RUT3000)


Typical mouse delay



Average disconnection rate

1 time/3h (RUT3000)


Transmission range

20m@1080P (RUT3000)



After plugging into the computer, the PaPa transmitter automatically starts the application program and connects to the ARS1500 sever; One-button operation, simple and convenient


Input resolution



Load capacity

50 WiFi terminals (RUT3000)






All smart terminals with Android 4.4.2 or above



IOS 9.0 or above


Mac OS

Mac OSX 10.8/10.9/10.10/10.11/10.12


Video lossless transmission

Max 1080P video source


Transmission mode

Mirroring Mode

Movie Mode


Priority control

Priority control cannot be established in case two iOS devices are being used; all other devices support priority control.


Touchscreen reverse control

Touchscreen reverse control with 10-point touch control


System update

Remotely update through the Internet


Startup screen preset


Installation requirements for ARS1500


● Software environment

After ARS1500 is turned on, Android-based devices, iOS-based devices, Windows computers, Mac OSX computers can connect to the WiFi hotspot established by the software, realizing wireless mirroring.

● Hardware environment for the Android device

The Android device installed with ARS1500 should support 5G hotspot and acquire SSID and password; CPU basic frequency must be above 1.3G Hz, and must have at least one hardware decoder. 

● Installation and activation method

Connect the Android device to the Internet → use the USB flash drive to copy the ARS1500 installation package → plug the USB flash drive in the USB port of the Android device → find the ARS1500 installation package ‘under file explorer’ → double click and install ARS1500 installation package

● Installation completion confirmation

After the system prompts that the installation is complete, return to the home page on the Android device and launch the ARS1500 APP. Check if the WiFi name, WiFi password and IP address are displayed on the lower left corner. If they are displayed, the installation is complete, as shown below.


PaPa Transmitter

● Product Introduction

PaPa Transmitter PTB1201 is a hardware transmitting module, with a USB port. When the USB port is plugged in a Mac OS or Windows laptop/computer, it will automatically launch the client software, reducing the need for users to find the software and start it, thereby greatly improving user experience. 


 Specifications and parameters

● Status Indicator

Supported systems

Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Mac OS 10

Blue light flashes

When plugged in to an Android device for pairing, it indicates that the pairing is ongoing.

When plugged in a computer: it indicates that it is connecting to the ARS1500 server.

Transmission delay

Average delay 200ms, typical value is 150ms

Power consumption

DC 5V/500mA

WiFi frequency band


Wireless transmission protocol

802.11 a/ac/b/g/n

Blue light remains on and is very bright

When plugged in to an Android device for pairing: Software update is completed, PaPa transmitter can be disconnected from the USB port.

When plugged in a computer: The device is connected to the ARS1500 server, and can now start mirroring.



CPU basic frequency




Storage space




Dimension L×W×H


Blue light remains on, but is dim



93 gm

ATT1400 Transmitting Software


● product presentation

ATT1400 is a transmitting software specially-designed for smart devices such as Android mobile phones, Android tablets, etc. The software can acquire the screen contents from the Android device, then compress, encode and transmit the content to the Toofifi receiver software. 


● The software supports three working modes

Mirroring Mode: The screen content on the Android device is captured, compressed, packaged and sent. The software completely mirrors all screen content on the Android device, and the receiver receives compressed images, to ensure lossless mirroring. 

Movie Mode: When the user requires higher video transmission quality, Movie Mode can be enabled. In this mode, the video file can be streamed losslessly to the receiver and directly played back.

Picture Mode: When mirroring pictures in the mobile phone, the user can first select a group of pictures to be mirrored, then losslessly transmit them to the receiver, avoiding awkwardness of private pictures being mistakenly projected on the large screen and seen by others. 

RUT3000 router


● product presentation

RUT3000 is a high-performance router specially developed for wireless mirroring. When paired with ARS1500, the router not only obtains very high stability of network transmission, more importantly, it can also automatically acquire network name, password and IP address, and can conduct WAN bridging and LAN bridging, to dramatically simplify installation and operation, and improve the user’s experience.


● The following are the specific technical parameters of the router

(1) 2.4G and 5G modules can connect maximum 50 devices, adopting hard router mode.

(2) Three LAN ports, one of which can be set as a WAN port, facilitating inter-subnet bridging. 

(3) Advanced users can also enter router administration page to setup and manage every parameter of the router.

(4) PA is added in 5G frequency band of the router, with power up to 100mW, enhancing transmitting power and increasing receiving sensitivity.

(5) 2.4G and 5.8G can both bridge with external routers.

(6) The router supports wired multicast and wireless multicast function, facilitating future expansion. 

● Specific technical indicators

Technical indicators of dual-frequency router



Applicable standard

IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n/ac,

IEEE802.3  IEEE802.3u




Flash memory


CPU basic frequency



External 5dBi removable intelligent omnidirectional antenna

2.4G 2×2(2Tx,2Rx)  5.8G 2×2(2Tx,2Rx)

Wireless transmitting power

2.4GHzMax19dBm, 5GHzMax19dBm

Physical rate of Ethernet


2.4G receiving sensitivity

300Mps  68dBm@10%PER

135Mps -70 dBm@10%PER

54M -75 dBm@10%PER

11M -92 dBm@8%PER

6M -90 dBm@10%PER

1M -94 dBm@8%PER

5G receiving sensitivity

11ac  HT20  -65 dBm@10%PER

11ac  HT40  -62 dBm@10%PER

11ac  HT80  -57 dBm@10%PER

Signal rate

1167Mbps      300M(2.4GHz)  867M(5GHz)



Power requirements


Physical specifications




See technical requirement details


300 gm

Environmental specifications



Operating temperature


Operating humidity (without condensation)

10%~95% RH

Storage temperature


Storage humidity (without condensation)

10%~90% RH

Lighting protection grade

Common mode: 1.5KV, differential-mode 1KV

Environmental protection

According to RoHs